About Us

Tournamentboard is the first and only social networking search engine where members can search for tournaments, leagues, and fitness events. Where members can also locate other members, friends, teams, groups, and organizations.

Our goal at Tournamentboard is to connect people to all aspects of sports/ fitness events and local organizations who are promoting these events. From kids to adults, near and far, Tournamentboard has what you are looking for.

Tournamentboard is fun and easy to use.

If you are an Player looking for events to participate in, then tournamentboard is for you! All you have to do is sign up for an account and tournamentboard will help you search find and organize all the events you have joined.

You can manage the following on Tournamentboard:

Manage your Upcoming Tournaments Events

Manage your Leagues Events

Manage your Fitness Events

Manage your Teams

Manage your Groups

Manage your Friends

Manage your Schedules

If you are an event promoter and looking to promote/market your events locally or nationally, then Tournamentboard is for you as well! All you have to do is sign up on our site and promote your event. Tournamentboard will help you manage your events with our event management tools.

You can manage the following on Tournamentboard:

Manage your Tournament listings

Manage your League listings

Manage your Fitness listings


If your are excited about what you have just read, join today, it’s free! Are you game?