Zip Lining


Hill or Metal Ramp Zorb



Zorbing (also known as Sphereing and Globe Riding) is an individual or group activity where riders enter into large, inflatable, plastic balls and ride along the ground, on water or down hills. Depending on the size of the zorb, one to three people enter the zorb and roll down a hill or metal ramp. In some cases, zorbs can be used on flat surfaces and water, which allows the rider greater control. Generally performed at commercial facilities where riders have the option to pay per ride or for an entire day. In recent years, competitive activities such as pool, bowling, soccer, and pinball have been performed with zorbs.


Zorbing, also referred to as Sphereing, is a relatively new sport with origins in the early 1980s. It was then that the Dangerous Sports Club constructed a giant hamster ball-like sphere containing two deck chairs. It was not until 1994 that sphereing became commercialized. Dwayne van der Sluis and Andrew Akers created spherical structures called Zorbs, and then founded Zorb Limited in Auckland, New Zealand. Zorbing has since spread around the world through a franchise system.