Cable Gloves Helmet Pulley Safety Net


All rules and regulations relate to the general safety of participants.


Zip Lining is a recreational activity in which the participant travels down a cable, which is on a decline, while being attached to a pulley that is propelled by gravity. Zip lining is an activity that allows the participant to use gravity to travel across distances. Distances and heights vary based on the set-up, and range from a few feet to a few thousand feet. Some zip lining can be dangerous, especially that which occurs across forest canopies. While zip lining, safety equipment should be used at all times and should only occur under the supervision of a trained professional.


The concept of zip lining was first introduced in the late 19th century. The second half of the 20th century saw zip lining appear in a number of forms, including small set-ups for children and large scale courses for professionals. Today, zip lining is popular in tourist destinations featuring large tree canopies.