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Yiquan is a Chinese form of martial arts characterized by having no fixed sets of fighting movements or techniques. Instead, focus is put on developing natural movement and fighting abilities through a system of training methods and concepts, which work to improve the perception of one's body, its movement and of force. Yiquan, meaning "mind fighting art", was created in the mid 1920s out of a desire to shift the focus of training from learning proper forms to the mental activity and creating synergy between body and mind.


Yiquan was created in the mid 1920s by Chinese xingyiquan master Wang Xiangzhai, who travelled throughout China meeting with masters of various styles of kung fu to compare styles. At the end of his travels he came to the realization that xingyiquan focused too heavily on outer form instead of a true essence of martial arts. He began practicing and teaching this new style of martial arts under the name yiquan, dropping the xing meaning form.