Balisong Bolo Yawyan Striking Bag


Yawyan practitioners participate in Filipino mixed martial arts tournaments and are subject to individual tournament rules.


Yawyan is a Filipino form of martial arts characterized by downward kicks. It is very similar to Muay Thai and other forms of kickboxing. Yawyan, meaning "dance of death," is a hard hitting martial art akin to Muay Thai, categorized by the hip-torquing and downward cutting motion of its kicks. Its reputation as the most lethal martial art in the Philippines is well deserved; its creed is "Yawyan is my weapon." However, it is not just a full-combat, no holds barred sport. It is a complete martial training focusing on body and mind coordination.


Officially established in 1972 by native Filipino Napoleon Fernandez, Yawyan is widely considered as the Philippines most lethal martial art. Fernandez began his martial arts training in the discipline of jujitsu, but was not content stopping there. He continued his studies and eventually developed the Yawyan style. This style of martial arts spread quickly through the country reflecting the growing popularity of kickboxing. Today, Yawyan training centers are widespread, but only those affixed with the name Ardigma are officially approved by Fernandez.