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Eight riders compete in each heat, on a quarter-mile track. The top four finishers in each heat move to the next round. At the end of qualifying, the top eight riders compete. The top three winners of the championship heat win medals.


BMX Racing is a type of cycling where riders race on earthen tracks riding large wheeled bicycles. BMX racing is the racing of bicycles around a track filled with dirt hills. To negotiate the terrain, bicycles are outfitted with wide tires and specialized shocks.


BMX started in California in the early 1970's, with kids imitating motocross on their bicycles. The sport grew quickly, which led to the founding of the American Bicycle Association (ABA) in 1977. Founded to serve as the sport's governing body, the ABA sanctions all competitions and hands out titles. In 1982, the first world championships were held. In 2008, BMX became an official Olympic event.