Boxing Gloves (optional)


Basic rules include wearing rubber-soled shoes, keeping plenty of distance between participants and listening closely to the commands of the instructor.


Tae Bo is an aerobic exercise that has elements of both Taekwondo and Boxing. The developer, Billy Blanks, defined it's acronym as: Total Awareness Excellence Body Obedience. Tae Bo is a fast-paced form of aerobics, which combines elements of tae kwon do and boxing. All movements are choreographed to music, and are usually led by an instructor. Though many of the kicks and punches are similar to those performed in martial arts, none are intended for self-defense.


In the late 1980's, fitness trainer Billy Blanks combined elements of tae kwon do and kickboxing to create an intense aerobic program known as Tae Bo. Celebrities soon began hiring Blanks as a personal trainer, which caused the program to quickly grow in popularity. Tae Bo further grew in popularity due to the production of videos, which brought the techniques into people's homes. Today, thanks to Tae Bo, aerobic programs, which combine elements of kickboxing, are commonplace.