Tumbling Gymnastics



In the United States the competitions are divided into the following age groups: Age Group, Juniors (elite 14-18), Seniors (elite 18 and over), Collegiate, and Masters. Within each competition there are different levels determined by age, point score or affiliation (for example, novice, intermediate, age group, junior (14 and up), senior, varsity, club, master, etc. Individual swimmers may compete in up to three events, solo, duet, trio, and team. A team consists of four to eight swimmers, with .25 points added to the final score for each swimmer over the minimum of four. Swimmers also compete in individual figures and technical elements, which in some levels of competition are sometimes factored in with routine scores. Also, competition rules may limit the number of events that each team can participate in.


Synchronized Swimming is a team sport that combines elements of swimming, dance and gymnastics. Competitors perform a synchronized routine of elaborate and dramatic moves in water, and are judged on form and technique. Synchronized swimming is a hybrid of swimming, gymnastics, and dance consisting of swimmers performing a routine in the water, accompanied by music.


The first synchronized swimming demonstration took place in 1952. In 1984 it debuted at the Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles.