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The goals often are marked by whatever objects are available, although goal nets either designed for street hockey or ice hockey could also be used. Trash cans are also commonly used objects when there is no goal present for street hockey games. Due to the general prohibition of body checks, most of the pads and other safety equipment used for ice or roller hockey are not worn or required to be worn in street hockey games. However, most "skaters" tend to play with a minimum of hockey gloves and shin guards. Shin guard are often of the soccer type when the game is played on foot. Goalies typically wear equipment similar in appearance to their ice hockey counterparts so as to help block more of the goal area. However, such goalie equipment used in street hockey is generally lighter than that used in ice hockey due to the reduced weight and density of the ball that is typically used in street hockey as compared to the rubber puck used in ice hockey.


Street Hockey is a form of hockey played on-foot or in inline skates, on a street or other asphalt surface. Players wear little protection and use curved sticks to advance a plastic ball or puck into the opposing team's goal. Street hockey is a form of hockey played on a paved surface with or without roller skates. The sports is less physical than hockey, mainly due to the overall lack of protective equipment worn by players. Street hockey is most popular in Canada, and parts of the northern United States. It is also quite popular on outdoor roller rinks, city parks, and playgrounds of New York City, Toronto, and Montreal.