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In the initial rack in straight pool, the fifteen object balls are racked in a triangular rack, with the center of the apex ball placed over the foot spot. Traditionally, the one ball is placed at the rack's right corner, and the five ball placed at the rack's left corner. Other balls are placed at random and must touch their neighbors. However, it is considered courtesy by some to place a stripe ball at the rack's apex. Unlike in most pool games, where pocketing a ball and spreading the balls is the aim on the break, the object in straight pool's standard initial break shot is to leave the opponent with a safety. This is because the call-pocket rule includes the break shot. On the break, either a ball must be pocketed in a designated pocket or the cue ball and at least two additional balls must touch a rail. The failure to accomplish one of these two options results in a foul. Fouling on the initial break results in a special penalty of a loss of two points. In addition, the opponent has the choice either of accepting the table in position, or alternatively of having the balls re-racked and requiring the offending player to repeat the opening break. All other fouls during the game result in a one point deduction, including fouling on an intragame rack. However, a third foul in a row at any time in a straight pool game results in a loss of 15 points (for purposes of this rule, fouls on the initial break, though they are a loss of two points, are not counted towards the three-foul rule). The 15 point deduction is in addition to the one point loss for each foul. Thus, the first two fouls are a loss of one point each, and the third foul in a row is a loss of 16 points; one point for the foul, and 15 points for it being the third contiguous foul.


Straight Pool is where a player can attempt to pocket any ball on the table. The object is to reach a set number of points, which is agreed on prior to starting. One point is scored for each ball pocketed. Typically, the game is played to 100 points, which means at least 100 balls must be pocketed in order to win. Straight pool is a pocket billiards game where the shooter attempts to pocket any ball on the table with the goal being to reach a predetermined score. Each ball pocketed is worth a predetermined number of points. In professional competition the typical goal is 150 points, that is to say the winning player must pocket 150 balls without penalty; straight pool is a call-pocket game where players must indicate the intended ball and pocket on every shot. The game is most popular in the United States, Europe, and Japan, but rather obscure in other parts of the world.