Ball Pole Rope


There are no definitive set of rules established for tetherball; most rules vary based on region, and even the court. There are, however, basic rules. The game begins when one player serves the ball, usually by holding it in one hand and hitting it with the other. The opposing player then attempts to return the serve by hitting it in the opposite direction. A player can commit a violation by stepping onto his opponent's half of the pole, by catching and throwing the ball, by striking the rope instead of the ball, or by hitting the ball twice before it has either circled the pole or been returned by the opponent. Generally, after a violation occurs, the game pauses and the ball is returned to the position it was in before the violation; the number of wraps around the pole is re-created. The player who did not commit the violation then serves the ball. If, however, the violation appears to be intentional, it may result in loss of game.


Tetherball is an individual sport where opposing players stand on opposite sides of a ten foot pole, from which a ball is hung from a rope. Each player tries to hit the ball a different direction; one clockwise, and one counterclockwise. The game ends when one player manages to wind the ball completely around the pole. Tetherball is a game played by two opposing players using ball hung by a rope on a metal stationary pole. Players stand on opposite sides of the pole and hit the ball either clockwise or counterclockwise with the goal of hitting the ball all the way around the pole.