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Air Tank Flags (for capture the flag games only) Hopper Paintball Gun Paintballs Protective Mask


First, the playing area boundaries have to be established, along with a dead zone used for staging. Next, the game objectives have to be determined. There are several types of games. In a traditional woodsball game, teams try to eliminate opposing team members by shooting them with paintball guns. Another scenario is capture the flag or center flag. In these types of games, the team's objective is to retrieve a flag. If a player is hit, but is not sure, that player must call a "paint check" and the closest player will inspect for paint. Once a player is eliminated, he must exit the playing area immediately with arms raised over the head.


Woodsball Paintball is a form of paintball played in forests or other wooded areas. Due to this setting, stealth and camouflage are highly important. Woodsball is the name given to any variety of paintball not played on a professional field; most often it is played in a wooded area.