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Wind Surfing is an individual sport where competitors ride a board affixed with a sail across the surface of water. Wind surfing is a water sport using a wind surf board powered by a single sail. Unlike a rudder-steered sailboat, a windsurfer is steered by the tilting and rotating of the mast and sail as well as tilting and carving the board. It combines aspects of sailing and surfing. Wind surfing includes speed sailing, slalom, course racing, wave sailing, superX, and freestyle as distinct disciplines.


Wind surfing did not emerge as a recreational sport until the second half of the 20th century. There is some dispute as to who is credited with inventing the activity; in fact, there have been numerous lawsuits on the matter. However, most credit Diana Schweitzer with promoting and marketing the sport. In 1968, she and a partner found Windsurfing International to design, manufacture and promote windsurfers. Windsurfing hit its peak in the 1980s, becoming an Olympic sport in 1984, but the sport saw a decrease in popularity during the 1990s. In recent years, wind surfing has had somewhat of a modest revival as more boards geared toward novice surfers are becoming available.