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Basic pattern involves the lead dancer taking a forward step with the left foot, while retaining some weight on the right foot. The knee of the right leg must stay straight and close to the back of the left knee, while the left leg straightens just prior to receiving part weight. This step is taken on the second beat of the bar. Full weight is returned to the right leg on the second beat. The fourth beat is split in two so the count of the next three steps is 4 and 1.


Cha Cha Dancing is a form of dance originating in Cuba. It is characterized by fluid movement of the hips, performed to a five-count beat. Cha cha is a fast-paced dance originating in Cuba. It developed out of a combination of rumba and mambo. Partners place their steps on the second beats of the bar, and split the fourth beat in two. It is now practiced both recreationally and competitively.


Cha cha dancing began in Cuba during the first half of the 20th century as a combination of the rumba and mambo. It was introduced to Europe in the 1950's, where it was refined into a more technical style. Today cha cha is popular around the world as a casual and competitive form of dancing.