Tae Kwon Do




Depending on the competition, rules can vary, but generally revolve around properly executing tricks and the tricks' degree of difficulty.


Wakeboarding (sometimes spelled Wake Boarding) is a sport that combines elements of water skiing, snow boarding, and surfing. It typically involves riding the wake, which has been created by a special wake boarding boat. Wakeboarding is a sport that involves riders attached to specialized boards being towed behind large powered watercraft that create the wake that riders use to launch into the air and perform tricks. The sport is a mixture of techniques from water skiing, surfing, and snowboarding. Wake boards themselves vary in shape, length, width, and fin placement; the different designs are based on rider preference and, to some degree, what conditions the rider is wake boarding in.


The origins of wake boarding can be found with the "freesurfers" of the early 1980s. Paul Frasier of Vancouver, Canada is credited with coining the term wake boarding, along with the concept and design. The sport continued to gain popularity and in 1989 The World Skiboard Association was founded and the First World Skiboard Championships was held on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii, on the Wailua River. Competitions began popping up around the United States throughout the early 1990s. Wakeboarding was added as a competitive sport in the X Games II. The World Skiboard Association changed its focus and was renamed the World Wakeboard Association.