Center Line Rope Rope Markers


Two teams of eight players, whose total weight cannot exceed the weight limit determined for that class, align themselves on either side of a rope. The rope is marked with a center line and a marker on both sides of the center line. Before play begins, the center line of the rope is aligned with a line on the ground. At the start of play, both teams pull in order to get their opponent's marker to cross the center line on the ground. Play continues until a marker crosses the center line, or a team commits a foul. Fouls include a team member falling down, or sitting.


Tug-of-War is a team sport where teams pull on opposite ends of a rope with the intention of pulling a pre-marked section of the rope past a certain point. The first team to do so, wins. Tug-of-war is a sport that consists of two teams of eight lining up on opposing sides of a rope and trying to pull their opponents past a designated marker.


The exact origins of tug-of-war are unknown, but there is evidence that some form of the sport was practiced in ancient China and Egypt. From 1900 until 1920 it was an event at the Olympic Games, but it has not been included since then; currently, it is still contested at the World Games. The Tug-of-War International Federation is the sports governing body and organizes a World Championship biannually for national teams that compete in both indoor and outdoor events.