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Tumbling is practiced on a 25 feet long dynamic track. Gymnasts perform eight consecutive elements without interruption or change in rhythm, and can only feet and hands can come in contact with the floor.


Tumbling Gymnastics is a type of gymnastics where participants perform flips, somersaults and other moves while on a smooth surface known as the floor. Tumbling is an acrobatic discipline within the field of gymnastics that is either performed on a 25 foot long dynamic track, but is most often incorporated in the floor routine in both men?s and women?s gymnastics. Basic tumbling moves include front and back tuck somersaults, back handsprings, round-offs, and layouts.


Tumbling as a separate event has only been an Olympic event once at the 1932 Games. However, it was performed as a demonstration event at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games and is a part of the World Games.