Sumo Wrestling


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The first landing has to be done with the takeoff foot; this is known as the hop. The next phase is a step, landing on the opposite foot, and is followed by the jump, into a sand-filled box, as in the long jump. A "foul" or missed jump occurs when a jumper oversteps the launch mark (most commonly), misses the pit entirely, or does not perform the attempt in the allotted amount of time (usually about one minute).


Triple Jump is an individual sport where participants sprint down a runway and jump, take a step, then jump as far as they can into a pit filled with sand. The person with the longest distance is the winner. An event in track and field competitions, the triple jump is a sport where competitors run down a long track until they reach a designated mark at which time they take a hop, a step, and a jump hence the triple jump. The jump is marked off from where the competitors take off to where they land in the sandbox, similar to the long jump.


The triple jump has been included in every Olympic Games since the modern era began in 1896. At the 1996 Olympic Games, the triple jump was added to the women's competition after it had already been a part of the World Outdoor Championships and the World Indoor Championships.