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Dahn Yoga's training methods are intended to improve the practitioner's health through development of the energy system and enhancement of the mind-body connection


In 1985 the first Dahn Yoga Center opened in downtown Seoul. By 1990, fifty locations were teaching Dahn Yoga in South Korea.[13] In 1991, the first U.S. Dahn Yoga Center was opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1997 the Sedona Ilchi Meditation Center (SIMC) was established, hosting specialized programs open to Dahn yoga members for a fee. Over the next ten years Dahn yoga focused on expanding its operations globally. The Dahn Yoga Foundation was created in 2006, offering classes for free or at reduced rates in senior centers,[14] community centers,[15] churches, public parks, offices, schools and hospitals.[16] In addition to the outreach classes, Dahn Yoga Foundation volunteers participate in community service projects.