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Track cycling can be conducted under a number of different formats that include Individual pursuit, team pursuit, team sprint, sprint, track time trial, and a points race. Each race format has its own set of rules that determine a winner.


Track Cycling is a type of cycling where riders race bicycles on banked circular tracks or in velodromes. Track cycling is a bicycle racing sport held at velodromes, tracks feature steeply banked tracks, consisting of two 180-degree bends connected by two straights, using specially designed aerodynamic bicycles that reduce drag. Track cycling events are also held on grass sports fields during the summer months; grass track cycling is one of the events held at the Highland Games in Scotland.


Track cycling has maintained a presence in the modern era as a popular athletic pursuit. While its popularity reached a climax in the United States in the 1930s, track cycling remains immensely popular in other parts of the world like France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia. Track cycling is still an event at the modern Olympic Games.