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Tantui is a Chinese form of martial arts which emphasizes blocking, stances, footwork and kicks. It also incorporates punches delivered in rapid succession. Tantui is a Chinese martial art and famous form of Northern Wushu that has been incorporated into various styles like Northern Praying Mantis and Northern Shaolin. It is characterized by punches delivered in a rapid succession and emphasizes blocking stances, footwork, and kicks.


There is no formal written history of Tantui, thus the only records available come from stories passed down through centuries. One story tells of an infantry soldier, during the Tang Dynasty, taking refuge in the Lung Tang Temple of the city of Ling Qing; he developed the technique as a way to combat the Liao and Jin factions he was at war with. Another story has Tantui originating during the Ming Dynasty in the Ling Qing Tan Temple by a Shaolin monk named Xian Ji. Today Tantui forms the basis for the Bei Chang Quan/Northern Long Fist systems.