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Players stand facing each other, and then count to three. At three players use their hand to make one of three gestures: rock, represented by a clenched fist, paper, represented by an open hand or scissors, represented by extended middle and index fingers. Rock defeats scissors, paper defeats rock and scissors defeats paper. If the same gesture is thrown, the game results in a tie and is played again. Matches are frequently played in a "best two out of three" format.


Rock Paper Scissors is a game where different hand motions are performed to represent rock, paper and scissors. It is often used as a selection method similar to coin flipping. Rock paper scissors isn't just something used to decide who gets the front seat in the car. It's a game. A popular game. It's played by counting to three, and then throwing one of three hand gestures: rock, paper or scissor. Each gesture can defeat another and be defeated. Despite popular opinion, technique and strategy can be learned over the course of many games.


Solid historical facts regarding the origin of rock paper scissors are hard to come by. Some say it comes from a game played in Japan around 200 BC. This game supposedly found its way to Europe, surfacing in the mid-1700's. From Europe it spread throughout the rest of the western world. Today rock paper scissors is a popular selection method, used around the world by people of all ages.