Southern Praying Mantis


Elastic String Paddle Rubber Ball


A player adjusts the elastic string to the appropriate length prior to beginning. The ball is dropped towards the paddle while the player moves the paddle to meet the ball. Once a steady rhythm has been established, the player can move the position of the paddle in any direction of his/her choosing. Depending on the preference of the player, a timer may be used to determine the length of time the ball was in play.


Paddleball is an individual sport where players use a wooden paddle to hit a small rubber ball attached to the paddle by an elastic string. The object of the game is to hit the ball in succession as many times as possible. Quick reflexes and superior hand-eye coordination are key in this addictive game. Using a small paddle, players try to keep a tethered rubber ball in motion for the longest amount of time possible. While quite challenging at first, paddleball gets easier through a dedicated regiment of gradually increasing the amount of slack on the elastic string.