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Paddle Surfboard


Paddle surfing is practiced both recreationally and competitively. Recreational rules vary based on location and usually relate to basic safety and etiquette. Competitive rules are established by the body governing the competition. These rules usually relate to age divisions, skill level, competitive balance and logistical boundaries.


Paddle Surfing is a form of surfing where competitors use a large paddle to steer through waves while on a surfboard. Paddle surfing is an ancient form of surfing where participants use a paddle and a surfboard to move smoothly across the top of waves. It was revived in Hawaii in the 1960's, and brought to the continental US in the 2000's. Today, it is enjoyed for both recreational and fitness purposes.


The origins of paddle surfing can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Polynesia. Because of the higher viewpoint provided, it was used by surfing instructors to teach large groups of beginners. The modern sport was popularized in Hawaii in the early 1960's, reaching the continental United States in the 2000. Today paddle surfing is practiced for both recreation and fitness.