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There are no written or standardized rules for snowboarding, except those created specifically for individual competitions. There are however, certain restrictions and guidelines that should be followed when on public mountains.


Snowboarding (sometimes spelled Snow Boarding) is a winter sport that is based off of skiing, surfing, and skate boarding. There are various styles, each with their own specific equipment and technique. Snowboarding is the fringe winter sport that became a dominant, worldwide phenomenon. Done both recreationally and competitively, snowboarders practice several different styles, ranging from downhill racing to tricks on half pipe.


The first snowboard, called a Snurfer, was invented in Michigan in 1965. The 1970s and 1980s saw snowboarding grow more popular due to advances in board design and related equipment. In 1982 the first National Snowboard race was held, followed with the first World Championship half pipe competition the following year. In 1994 the International Snowboard Association was founded to regulate competitions. Soon after, snowboarding was included in major competitions like the X-Games and the Olympics. After much resistance from skiers, today snowboarding accounts for 20% of all ski resort activity in the United States and is immensely popular around the world.