Slam ball


Basketball Slamball Court


There is no international governing body for Slamball as a sport. Scoring in Slamball is achieved by passing the ball into the net at the opponent's end of the court for points. A successful score can be worth two points if the ball is thrown through the hoop without the offensive player touching the hoop. Slam dunks are scored three points. In the final two minutes of the game, all shots outside the trampolines and above the baseline are worth three points as well. Games are played in two 8-minute halves. Each half commences with a "slam off" in which the ball is bounced at center court. The ball must reach its apex uninterrupted, at which point the players are allowed to "check" each other. Ten minutes are allowed for a half-time break; only one time-out is permitted to each team, which may only be used during the last two minutes of regulation play. A 15-second shot clock is utilized. Teams change ends for the second half. A tie score at the end of regulation time is settled by a series of "face offs." Full body contact is allowed within certain limitations. A player can be hit or "checked" at any time when he is not in possession of the ball. If the player has received the ball, he cannot be hit until he dribbles the ball; at that point he is known as "live" or "hot" and can be hit. Players cannot be hit or checked in the back; doing so results in a foul.


Slamball is a team sport similar to basketball where competitors advance a ball up a wooden court that features trampolines around the basket. Rules are similar to those of basketball, with the exception that trampolines can be used to gain a vertical edge over an opponent. Slamball is a basketball-based team sport where players score points by putting a ball through a hoop with the difference being the court. Under the padded hoop and backboard are four trampolines set into the floor which serve to launch players for easy slam dunks. The rules also permit some physical contact between the members of the four-player teams.


Slamball was created by Mason Gordon as a way to create a sport that approximated a real-life video game. After painstaking efforts to create the game and court, Gordon recruited street basketball players to play his sport. The first game was played in Los Angeles, California and word quickly spread to street basketball players who wished to join the sport. In 2002, Slamball made its television debut on The National Network. In Italy, Slamball made its debut on Italia 1 on July 16, 2007 gaining impressive ratings and media fervor. Plans for a new season are in motion with an International model as the basis for the new league structure