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Helmet Mountain Board Padding


There are no written or standardized rules for mountain boarding, except those created specifically for individual competitions. There are however, certain restrictions on where mountain boarders can ride.


Mountain Boarding (also known as Dirt Boarding and All-Terrain Boarding [ATB])is a sport derived from snow boarding. A mountain board is similar to an enlarged skateboard. Mountain boarding is a warm-weather version of snowboarding, which shares many similarities with skateboarding. Riders use a long skateboard with big inflatable tires to perform tricks on ramps, or to traverse rough and rocky, downhill terrain. Though still considered a fringe sport, mountain boarding is growing in popularity, and is played by millions throughout the world.


Mountain boarding was originally created in the 1970's as a sport that could take advantage of ski trails during warmer months. As the popularity of other board sports grew, so too did mountain boarding. Soon after, boards were being designed and made specifically for mountain boarding. By 1993, the first organized competitions were held in the United States. Today the sport is played by millions around the world, and is the subject of several national and international competitions.