Ball Putter


Miniature golf is played on courses usually consisting of 9 to 18 holes. Each cup is usually no more than 10-meters from the starting area. Each hole contains obstacles, which can consist of anything from water and sand, to wind mills and dinosaurs. Players generally use only putters, but may use certain chippers if the course allows them. At the end of each hole, players calculate their own score.


Miniature Golf is an individual sport where players use a blunt club called a putter to hit a ball through a miniaturized laid-out course. Love golf's short game, but need a bit more dinosaur? Grab your putter and try miniature golf. Played on courses consisting of 9 to 18 holes, miniature golf is a micro-sized version of golf where players putt there way through 10-meter long holes. Each hole is adorned with obstacles that range from the commonplace to the bizarre. At the end of the course, scores are totaled and a most-excellent champion is declared!


The first miniature golf course is said to have been built at St. Andrews in Scotland. Built in 1867, this 18-hole putting green was originally built for women who were prevented from playing traditional golf by conservative social norms. In the early 1900's, many American and British hotels built miniature golf courses in lieu of having enough room to build traditional courses. By mid-century, miniature golf courses were located in many locations across the United States and Europe. Today, miniature golf is an extremely popular recreational and competitive sport. Tournaments governed by the World Minigolfsport Federation (WMF) are held annually around the world.