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Special skis must be used for speed skiing that must be 2.4 meters (94.5 inches) long and a maximum 10cm wide with a maximum weight of 15 kg for the pair. Ski boots are attached to the skis by bindings. The ski poles are bent to shape around the body, and must be a minimum of one meter long


Speed Skiing is an individual sport where competitors ski downhill, in a straight line, with the intention of reaching the bottom of the hill in the quickest amount of time. Speed skiing is a sport consisting of participants skiing downhill in a straight line as quickly as possible and is one of the fastest non-motorized sports on land. The current world record for speed skiing is held by Simone Origone who reached a speed of 251.4 km/h, or 156 mph. Speed skiers regularly reach speeds upwards of 200 km/h, or 125 mph. Speed skiing is practiced on steep, specially designed courses one kilometer long.


In 1930, the first speed skiing record was set at 105.7 km/h. During the last half of the 1950s, speed skiing was organized at Monte Rosa glacier which borders Switzerland and Italy. In the 1980s, speed skiing became accesible to all enthusiasts of speed.