Roller Hockey


Ball Helmet Padding Skates Stick


Roller hockey is played on any flat, non-abrasive and non-slip rink, surrounded by a wall with rounded corners. Goals are placed at opposite ends of the rink. Average size of a rink is 40-meters by 20-meters. Games are played between two teams of five, and usually consist of two 25-minute halves. Play always begins with a faceoff. Players control the ball using a short, hook-ended stick similar to those used in field hockey. The ball may not be put into motion using anything but the stick. Skates must have two pairs of wheels with a minimum diameter of 3-centimeters. Penalties are called for making any kind of deliberate contact with an opposing player. The offending team is penalized by the opposition receiving possession of the ball and/or free shots on goal. Goals are scored by putting the ball in the opponent's goal. The team with the most goals at the end of the game is the winner.


Roller Hockey is a form of hockey played on roller skates, on a smooth, indoor or outdoor surface. Players use curved sticks to advance a plastic ball into the opposing team's goal. Popular around the world, roller hockey is a version of hockey played on those crazy old four-wheeled skates. Games are played on any enclosed flat surface that allows for friction-less skating. Players use small, hooked sticks to control a small rubber ball. Roller hockey is one of the safer forms of hockey, as contact is kept to a bare minimum. At the end of two 25-minute halves, the team with the most goals is the winner.


The first recorded roller hockey game was played in London in 1878. Originally called roller polo, the game was introduced to the United States with the formation of the National Roller Polo League. As the popularity of roller-skating grew, so to did the popularity of roller hockey. A number of amateur and professional leagues were established across North America and Europe throughout the late 19th century and early 20th century. The first world championships were in Germany in 1936. Roller hockey debuted at the Pan American Games in 1979, and at the Summer Olympic Games (as a demonstration sport) in 1992.