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Rules and etiquette are generally the same for speed golf and regular golf with minor exceptions. Speed golfers are allowed to putt at the flagstick but are expected to rake bunkers, fix ball marks and conform to the dress code.


Speed Golf is a form of golf where players run through a laid-out course and compete for both low score and low completion time. At the end of the course, time and stroke total is added together to form their score. Speed golf is a form of golf that involves completing a golf course in the lowest combination of strokes and time. Players run between shots and generally carry as few as one, or as many as six clubs. A player's score is calculated by adding minutes plus strokes, so a round of 90 completed in 50 minutes and 30 seconds would compute to a score of 140:30. The lowest score in competition is believed to have been shot by professional Chris Smith at the Chicago Speedgolf Classic on October 16, 2005. Smith shot 65 in just 44:06 for a speed golf score of 109:06. Speed golf is played in North American, Europe, and Japan, with major tournaments being televised on ESPN and The Golf Channel.


Speed golf was created by avid golfer and American elite runner Steve Scott in California in 1979. The game has since spread and gained popularity in North America, Europe, and Japan.