Yogilates is an exercise system that is a blend of: Yoga Pilates created by certified Pilates instructor and yoga practitioner Jonathan Urla in 1997. It is designed to integrate the Pilates methodology into the practice of hatha yoga for a more complete system of exercise. Jonathan Urla documented the training system in his book, Yogilates - Integrating Yoga and Pilates for Complete Fitness, Strength, and Flexibility, published in 2002. It is also a registered trademark, though no royalties are demanded from instructors who become certified in the method. It is often taught as a 75 minute long session in exercise clubs and in yoga or pilates studios for the same benefits of yoga and Pilates classes, mainly to bring greater awareness and develop the body in a balanced way. Usually accompanied by soothing music, the teacher will lead the class through a series of floor exercises incorporating both matwork exercises from Pilates and yoga poses to warm up the body and prepare the student for more challenging standing work later in the class. Classes end in a traditional way with deep relaxation and meditation.