Net Racquet Shuttlecock


Play starts with a below the waist service to the opposite side of the court. The opposing player(s) must return the shuttlecock before it hits the ground. Points are scored by the player(s) that win a rally. The first player(s) to score 21 points win the game. The player(s) who win best of three games, wins the match.


Special Olympics Badminton is a net and racket game where all participants have a physical or mental disability. Special Olympics badminton is a form of badminton meant for athletes with physical or mental disabilities. Players volley a shuttlecock over a net that divides a rectangular court. If the shuttlecock hits the ground or lands out of bounds, points are scored. The player(s) with the most points win. As in all Special Olympics sports, athletes are grouped in competition divisions according to ability level, age and gender.


Badminton first appeared at the 1995 Special Olympics World Summer Games held in Connecticut. The 2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games featured 107 Special Olympics athletes from 24 Programs participating in badminton competition. As of the 2005 Special Olympics Athlete Participation Report, 34,421 Special Olympics athletes compete in badminton.