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Equipment varies greatly depending on situation and skill level of the person fishing. The following are the most commonly used pieces of equipment: Fins Gloves Hawaiian Sling Knife Mask Polespear Snorkel Speargun Weight Belt Wetsuit


There are often restrictions on areas that can be fished, equipment that can be used and the number of fish that can be caught. It's wise to research any such restrictions prior to engaging. Rules for competitive and tournament fishing vary depending on competition type.


Spear Fishing is a type of fishing where spears are thrown or shot at fish with the intention of piercing them. Spear Fishing can be done from above or under water by using a snorkel or SCUBA gear. Want to make those fish pay? Go after 'em with a spear! The sport of spearfishing can be practiced from in the water, or above, with a number of thrown devices designed to impale even the most vicious of fish. Often dangerous due to the amount of time spent underwater, spearfishing should be attempted with great caution.


Forms of spearfishing date back to the Paleolithic era, which occurred over 16,000 years ago. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans are known to have engaged in early forms of spearfishing. By the 1920's, sport spearfishing became immensely popular along the Mediterranean coasts of France and Italy. This popularity helped spur the development of SCUBA diving in the 1940's and 1950's. In the 1960's the International Underwater Spearfishing Association (IUSA) was established to maintain world records and offer rules to ensure world records were established fairly.