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Gloves Helmet Snowskate


There are no written or standardized rules for snowskating, except those created specifically for individual competitions. There are however, certain restrictions and guidelines that should be followed when on public mountains.


Snowskating (sometimes spelled Snow Skating) is an individual sport similar to skateboarding and snowboarding. Competitors ride and perform tricks on snow, on a wheel-less skateboard. Snowskating is a sport where participants ride and perform tricks on binding-less boards, similar to skateboard decks. Tricks and other maneuvers are usually performed off rails and berms, or in obstacles built inside snowskate parks. The sport is similar to snowboarding, yet made different by the limited capabilities of snowskates.


Snowskating is said to have begun with the creation of the Snurfer in 1965. The 1970s and 1980s saw many different companies produce snowskates, originally as toys. Two different varieties of snowskates were soon being developed: the bideck and the single deck. Snowskate parks built in the 1990s spread the popularity of the sport, and moved it from the underground to the mainstream. Today, though not on an even footing with snowboarding, snowskating is still popular with many underground winter sports fans around the world.