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There are no written or standardized rules for snowkiting. There are however, certain restrictions on where snowkiters can ride.


Snowkiting (sometimes spelled Snow Kiting) is a winter sport with elements from kite surfing and snow boarding. Either a snowboard, alpine skis, or Telemark skis can be used in snow kiting. Snowkiting is a winter sport that incorporates the use of a kite into skiing or snowboarding. The kite allows participants to go uphill and with the wind. Tricks and jumps can also be performed because of the kite's ability to take the user airborne.


The use of kites for propulsion was first practiced by the Chinese in the late 13th century. Westerners first adopted the practice in the 19th century, in order to offset the expense of owning horses. By the second half of the 20th century, kites were being introduced into canoeing, ice skating, snow skiing, roller skating and other activities. In 1972, the first kite skiing system was invented in Germany. The system allowed the skier to move uphill and to take-off into the air. By the mid 1980s, US skiers were using kites to ski upwind on frozen lakes and fields. Today, due in part to the huge popularity of snowboarding, snowkiting is a popular winter sport alternative.