Kyudo Archery


Fins Mask Snorkel Wetsuit (optional)


As a non-competitive sport, snorkeling has no standard rules or governing body. However, one should always check for any restrictions or boundaries placed on the area being snorkeled.


Snorkeling is a swimming activity in which participants wear a diving mask, a snorkel for breathing, and swim fins. It is typically a recreational activity to observe underwater attractions for long durations of time. Snorkeling is a recreational activity where swimmers can observe underwater life by breathing through a small, rubber tube. Though a relatively safe pursuit, snorkelers must be aware of the risk of sunburn to areas of the skin remaining above water.


Evidence of primitive snorkel use dates back over 5,000 years. These first snorkels, made from hollowed-out reeds, were used by sponge farmers in ancient Crete. As technology has improved, so too have snorkels. They are currently made of resilient and airtight rubber-like materials. Today snorkeling is done around the world, especially in tropical, ocean-front resort areas.