Jump Rope


Jump Rope


There are no formalized rules or regulations for jump roping, as it's a primarily non-competitive activity. Rules may exist for certain competitions, which are created to suit the specific needs of said competition.


Jump Roping (also known as jumping rope or skipping rope) is where one or more participants jump over a rope swung so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. Jump roping is an activity that takes advantage of mankind's age-old fascination with jumping over moving objects. Practiced for fitness or for fun, jump roping can be done with multiple people and with multiple ropes. There are also many different techniques and methods for jumping and swinging the rope.


Games involving jumping over ropes have been played throughout history, specifically in ancient Egypt and China. The game was brought to North America by Dutch settlers who introduced double Dutch style jumping. The game became very popular in 1950's urban areas due to the ease in which it's played. By the 1970's, interest in jump roping as a form of exercise began to increase. From that time on, jump roping has been a widely used form of aerobic and cardiovascular exercise.