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There are no written or standardized rules for skiboarding, except those created specifically for individual competitions. There are however, certain restrictions on where skiboarders can ride on a mountain.


kiboarding (also known as ski blading) is a winter sport that mixes elements of snow boarding and skiing. Skiboards are generally wider than traditional skis. Most skiboards have non-release bindings, which is similar to snow boards. Skiboarding is a combination of skiing, skating and snowboarding. On skiboards, participants can ski downhill or perform tricks off ramps and hills. Skiboard design varies per manufacturer, as some feature non-release bindings like snowboards, while others feature releasable bindings like skis.


The first skiboard was designed in 1982 to fit into the backpack of Colorado hikers. A few years later In Austria, a foam injected skiboarding system featuring bindings was introduced. By 1997, skiboards were being produced by many different companies in the United States and Europe. In 2007 the first Skiboard World Cup was held, uniting skiboarders from around the world in Romania.