The early Sikaranista (farmers) session commenced with the drawing of a circle on the ground. The more skilled opponent is often obliged to take a handicap, and positions himself inside the circle to trade kicking talents with the other who stays at the circle's rim. The objective is for the combatant outside to dislodge the contestant within. More confident opponent would agree to a number of opponents to form a circle around them. Should the man within be driven out of the circle, it signifies defeat and, correspondingly, humiliation. If the game's continuation be opted, another contender takes the place of the dislodge practitioner and the same procedure is repeated. Sikaran utilizes only the feet as a rule for sport and for combat, self-defense and this is what makes it distinct, the hands are never availed of in the sikaran. If they utilized at all, it's only for defense, the player uses his legs 90% of the time and his hands 10% only for blocking or parrying blows. Violation of this injunction, especially in tournaments, is ground for disqualification.


Sikaran is a competitive Filipino form of martial arts. Two combatants fight in a large circle using only kicks. The object is to force an opponent to give up or leave the circle. Sikaran, a term meaning kick, is a form of Filipino martial arts whose history dates back to the early 1500s before the Spanish occupation. It is the art of foot-fighting where the farmers use their legs to drive the partners outside the designated line (pitak) which was drawn in rice fields about 25 square feet. Sikaran have its own share of kicking styles.


Sikaran is a pastime of the Baras Rizal agrarians who gathered during the festival after a good harvest season. Constant practice lead to the development skills that would eventually be marked by notable effectiveness; of the practitioners, some went on to discover certain skills in combat that made them deserve the honor of being called "Hari"(champion). The original practitioners have long passed, taking the secrets of their art with them.