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Golf is played on large outdoor areas called courses, which consist of nine to eighteen individual holes. Each hole features a teeing area, fairway, rough, hazards, green and cup. Each hole is also given a par score, which is advertised to each player prior to beginning a hole. Play begins with one player hitting a ball on a tee from the teeing box. Once the ball comes to rest, the player strikes the ball again. This is repeated until the ball lands in the cup. Players may use any club in their bag, and alter their swings in any way to negotiate the various hazards encountered on the course. If a ball is lost or unplayable, players take a one-stroke penalty. At the end of each hole, players calculate their own score. At the end of the course, scores are totaled.


Golf is an individual sport where players use different clubs to hit a small ball into holes placed throughout a laid-out course. The player with the fewest amount of swings at the end of the course is the winner. Golf, the ancient Scottish sport of patience and discipline, is played by over 20 million people around the world. Played on large areas called courses, players strike a small ball around a series of holes with the intent of sinking the ball in a cup with the fewest amount of swings. Hazards on the course are best avoided, as the losing of a ball costs players an increase in strokes. At the end of play, scores are totaled and winners are declared.


Modern golf is said to have originated in 15th century Scotland. From there, the game spread to England, continental Europe and then the world. Rules have changed slightly, mostly in the number of holes that are played in a round. Equipment has greatly evolved, especially in the construction of clubs. Once made of wood, clubs are now made of graphite and carbon fiber, which allows for quicker swings and greater distances. Many different professional tournaments are held around the world, with the largest being the British Open, U.S. Open, Masters and PGA Championship.