Frolf (Frisbee Golf)


Ball (Size and type depend on the desired speed of the game)


Ga-ga is played in an octagonal enclosure, or any space enclosed by walls. Play is started by bouncing the ball. After two bounces the ball is in play, and players can leave the wall. Carrying, throwing or catching the ball after a bounce results in elimination. If the ball is hit out of bounds, the last player to make contact is eliminated. Elimination also occurs if players hit opposing players in the head or make physical contact. The last player left in the playing area is the winner.


Ga-ga is a sport similar to dodgeball where opposing players stand in an enclosed octagon and use their hands to hit a rubber ball into the area below each other's knees. When struck, a player is eliminated. Ga-ga is an Israeli sport with many similarities to dodgeball. Played in an octagon-shaped pit or enclosed area, players attempt to hit the opposition below the waist with a small ball. Players are eliminated if when struck, or if they hit the ball out of bounds. Ga-ga is now played in England, Australia and the United States, and most other countries with sizable Jewish communities.


Ga-ga originated in Israel in the 1950's. It slowly spread to Jewish communities around the world, and became popular in England, Australia and the United States.