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Frolf (Frisbee golf) courses are usually laid out in parks and other open recreational areas. They consist of a series of tees and disc pole holes arranged in a winding fashion. Players stand at tees and throw towards disc pole holes. Once players land their disc in the basket attached to the pole, they advance to the next hole. Players may carry any number of discs while playing. When attempting any throw after the first, players must plant a foot where the disc landed. Any foot may be used, but one foot must remain on the ground at all times. Water, roads and cements areas are considered out of bounds. If a disc lands out of bounds, the player who threw it takes a one-throw penalty, and can then choose to re-throw from the previous lie.


Frolf (Frisbee Golf) is a disc game similar to golf in which individual players throw a disc into baskets or targets placed around a laid-out course. Frolf (Frisbee golf) is a sport combining elements of golf with the throwing of flying discs. Players travel around a laid out course throwing a number of different sized discs at baskets attached to poles. More advanced player employ different types of throws, based on distance and surroundings. The player that completes the course using the fewest amount of throws is the winner.


Though forms of frolf have been played since the early 20th century, the modern game was invented in the late 1960's. The game was originally designed as a simple children's game, but was later introduced to adults. It eventually became popular on the campus of UC Berkeley, where in 1970, the first permanent course was laid out. Frolf continued to grow in the 1970's and 1980's, with the establishment of the Professional Disc Golf Association. Today, frolf is a popular sport with a growing number of players. Many competitions are held around the world, with the largest American competition being the United States Disc Golf Championship.