Freebord Helmet Pads


There are no written or standardized rules for freebording. It is standard practice to obey traffic laws when freebording on populated streets.


Freebording (sometimes spelled Freeboarding or Free Boarding) is a sport that mixes skate boarding and snow boarding. A freebord consists of a deck (which is typically longer than a skateboards), trucks (which are typically wider), and a swiveling wheel on each truck to simulate the sliding effect of a snowboard. Freebording is the fusion of skateboarding and snowboarding, designed for warm weather participation. It is performed on a long version of skateboard, designed to travel downhill and make tight turns.


Freebording was developed in California in the 1990's as a warm weather alternative to snowboarding. As the popularity of snowboarding has increased, so has freebording. Today it is gradually gaining momentum, challenging skateboarding for supremacy.