Net Soccer Ball


Footvolley is played on an 18x9 meter rectangular court, with a sand surface. The court is divided by a 2-meter high net. Matches usually consist of one, 18-point set or two, 12-point sets. Players can only use their feet when making contact with the ball. Points are scored if the ball hits the ground, if a foul is committed or if the ball isn't returned.


Footvolley is a sport that combines elements of both soccer and volleyball. Rules are similar to those of beach volleyball, except players must get the ball over the net without the use of their arms or hands. Footvolley is a sport that combines elements of soccer and beach volleyball. Created in Brazil, the sport challenges competitors to volley a soccer ball over a large net using just the feet. Played on courts similar in size to those used in beach volleyball, it's said that footvolley is the most-played beach sport in the world.


Footvolley was created as a training exercise for Brazilian soccer players in the mid-1960's. It was played informally until the 1980's, when its increasingly popularity led to a standardization of rules and regulations. Soon after, FIFA recognized footvolley as an official sport. Today, footvolley is played by amateurs and professionals in over 20 countries around the world.