Field Archery


Arrow(s) Bow


Competitors, divided into classes based on size and strength of bow, shoot six arrows from a designated starting point. After the pre-determined amount of ends has been completed, competitors search for their arrows and mark the landing place of their longest attempt. Judges then calculate each arrow�s distance, and declare a winner


Flight Archery is the sport where archers attempt to shoot the farthest distances. Flight Archery is the sport of shooting arrows for maximum distance. Each competitor shoots six arrows per end, usually inside an aerodrome. When one end (four in the UK) is completed, competitors mark the distance of their longest attempt. The competitor whose arrow has traveled the most distance is the winner.


Archery, dating back to the Paleolithic era, was/is practiced by many cultures throughout the world. As civilization progressed, archery evolved from a method of hunting animals into a useful tool of warfare. When guns became prevalent in the early 17th century the practice of archery became nearly nonexistent, only being used by societies where guns weren�t yet available. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries archery was revived as a sporting venture in Europe and North America. Flight archery derives from combat training, where archers had to maximize the distance of their shots for effectiveness in battle. Today flight archery is one of the most popular archery sports, and has been a major impetus in technological advancement in the sport.