Play starts by placing six balls on the center line of a 60-foot by 60-foot court. Teams consist of six players, with up to four substitutes. All players must start with one foot on the end line. On the opening whistle, players rush to the center line to grab balls. Players throw balls at members of the opposing team, with the intention of hitting them on any part of the body. Once a player has been hit, they are out of the game. If a player catches a ball, the player who threw it is out. A player who was previously put out of the game can return if a member of his/her team catches a ball. The first team to knock every member of the opposing team out of the game is the winner.


Dodgeball is a team game where players throw rubber balls at players on the opposing side, with the intention of eliminating them through contact. Dodgeball is a sport for both young and old, where players strike their opponents with rubber balls. Played on a rectangular court, this fast-paced game is won by the team that manages to remove all of the opposing team's players from the game. Players are removed from the game when a ball strikes them, or an opponent catches a thrown ball.


The origins of dodgeball are unclear. It has played in U.S. gym classes for much of the 20th century. It was most likely invented by a gym teacher looking for fun, indoor games. By the late 20th century the game became extremely popular for adults, which led to the creation of multiple amateur and professional organizations