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Before each race, drivers perform a burnout at the starting line. Races are started electronically with a Christmas tree lighting system. The winner is the first vehicle to cross the finish line.


Drag Racing is a sport where competitors race automobiles down a short, straight track. The competitor with the quickest time of completion is the winner. Drag racing is the sport of racing fast, powerful cars from one point to another. Drivers use their incredible reaction time to quickly respond to the series of lights used as a starting signal. The winner of the race is the driver who crosses the finish line first.


Drag racing began in the 1940's on city streets and abandoned aviation runways. The first organized race is said to have been held at Goleta Air Base in Santa Barbara, California. The National Hot Rod Association was founded in 1951 to serve as an organizing body for all drag races. The electronic light starting system known as the "tree" was instituted in 1963. The 1960's and 1970's saw a number of organizing bodies created, reflective of the explosive growth the sport experienced. Today, drag racing is a popular spectator sport in the United States and Canada.