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Cutthroat is meant to be played by 3 players. Object balls are divided into lows (1-5), mids (6-10) and highs (11-15), and are usually assigned to players based on the result of the break. Players then attempt to pocket an opponent's ball, while at the same time defending their own. If a ball isn't pocketed, a player's turn ends. If the cue ball is pocketed, each opponent places a previously pocketed ball back on the table. The last player with balls on the table is the winner.


Cutthroat is a three-player pocket billiards game. Each player is assigned a set of numbered balls. The object is to be the last player with at least one ball still on the table. A player's turn continues so long as he knocks in a ball with each shot (even if it is player's own ball). Defense is the key in the multi-player billiard game of cutthroat. Played on a six pocket table, players are assigned one of three groups of object balls. Players defend their balls, while trying to pocket their opponent's. The last player with balls still on the table is the winner.


Billiards was first played in 15th century England, and has been a popular game throughout Europe and the United States ever since. Many styles and variations have been created using the same basic rules and equipment. Little is known about cutthroat's specific origins. The term has been used many times throughout billiards' history to refer to multi-player games. Today, cutthroat is one of the most popular casual billiards games in the United States and Canada.