Arrow(s) Bow


The clout is placed in the ground at a distance of 180 yards, for men, and 140 yards for women. Competitors can shoot 36 arrows at the target. After each player has had a turn, a rope is tied to the flag which is used to determine scores. Each length of the rope is marked with a different color. The rope is then walked around the flag, determining which zone each arrow has landed. Points are awarded based on distance from the clout (5 for eighteen inches, 4 for three feet, 3 for six feet, 2 for nine feet, 1 for twelve feet). After measuring, each player's score is called out in descending order.


Clout Archery is similar to target archery. The main difference is that the archer attempts to shoot arrows into distant circular scoring zones located on the ground. The zones are typically 180 yards away for men and 140 yards away for women. Clout Archery is the sport of accurately shooting arrows over long distances, at a flag known as �the clout.� The areas around the clout are given a point value, and the person with the highest score is the winner.


Archery, dating back to the Paleolithic era, was/is practiced by many cultures throughout the world. As civilization progressed, archery evolved from a method of hunting animals into a useful tool of warfare. When guns became prevalent in the early 17th century the practice of archery became nearly nonexistent, only being used by societies where guns weren't yet available. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries archery was revived as a sporting venture in Europe and North America. Clout archery derives from long distance training exercises used by combat archers. It maintained popularity mainly due to transitional ease from military training to sporting venture. Today, clout archery is played in many countries throughout the English-speaking world.